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Aurifo is an authorised dealer of Louis XVI watches. All watches are sent out in the Louis XVI box with the manual and 2 years warranty. We buy goods directly from the manufacturer and therefore we can guarantee its 100% originality. Buy with confidence. 

In 2012, when we first wanted to enter the watch business, insiders advised us against it. They did not share our vision and told us that only prestigious brands with several decades of experience in the market can succeed. We did not let them discourage us and followed our dream of building our own watch brand. We wanted to share our passion for watches with people all over the world.

Since we weren't lucky enough to be born into a dynasty of watch brands, we began to delve deep into the history of watches. We found the story of King Louis XVI, a true watch fanatic, particularly interesting. He was the last monarch of France and was deeply fascinated by watches. When he was stressed, he liked to calm down by taking the watch apart and putting it back together again. He also commissioned the great watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet to create a special watch for him and his wife. We found his story and his love for watches so fascinating that we decided to name our watch brand in his honor.