Aurifo is an authorised dealer of Phoibos watches. All watches are sent out in the Phoibos box with the manual and 2 years warranty. We buy goods directly from the manufacturer and therefore we can guarantee its 100% originality. Buy with confidence. 

We are Ethan Guo and Emily Feng, a young couple who loves traveling very much. In 2014, we took a trip to Greece, attracted by its rich history and beautiful landscape. Inspired by our visit, we founded our own watch brand in 2016: PHOIBOS. The name PHOIBOS comes from ancient Greek mythology and is the second name of the god of light and sun, Apollo. The meaning of PHOIBOS is "bright, shining". Our design philosophy is that a watch can be a tool and still look elegant!

We strive to make watches of the highest quality. We only use Swiss quartz movements and Swiss or Japanese automatic movements made by the hands of craftsmen. PHOIBOS watches are designed to provide a long life and withstand the most demanding real-world conditions. Since 2019, all our PHOIBOS watches are manufactured by a very high quality Hong Kong watch manufacturer.